Song of Flower - Ultra Luxury

A gracious enclave carrying a mere 172 passengers, the Song of Flower caters to those who prefer a warm, friendly ambiance of unpretentious elegance. Unique to a ship of such elite stature, she has an open and relaxed style that distinctly sets her in a class by herself. With her intimate size she can glide through waterways that others can only dream about. Consistently attentive, yet never intrusive, the Scandinavian crew anticipates your every desire and wish, rather than merely fulfilling them. This Six-Star vessel has a spirit of camaraderie on-board that transcends all boundaries and ignores all pretense. This is the magic of Song of Flower.

Cruise Locations:

General Information

    Tonnage8,282 Tons
    Passenger Capacity172
    Crew Capacity144

Features and Amenities:

Song of Flower Exceptional Value

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